Running Windows on my Intel Galileo

If you have bought your own Intel Galileo or received one through the Windows Developer Program for IoT, now you can update it to run Windows. The version of Microsoft Windows released for the Windows Developer Program for IoT requires an Intel Galileo Gen 1 with 1.0.2 firmware. Gen 2 of the Galileo is not supported by this release.

Before you image your microSD card

Please ensure that you are imaging your miniSD card for a known reason. If you are experiencing a bug, please do not image. Instead, please visit Microsoft Connect to file a bug, and the MS IoT team will respond.

Known reasons to image your microSD card include:

Applying Microsoft Windows to an microSD card


Please download the following files to your computer:

Intel Galileo Firmware Update

Intel has released Firmware version 1.0.2 which needs to be applied to your board before running Microsoft Windows.

Please follow the Intel’s Getting Started Guide. Once you’ve followed the firmware update instructions, you do not need to continue following the Getting Started guide as the instructions do not apply to Microsoft Windows running on the Intel Galileo board.

When extracting the Intel Galileo package, please extract into the root of your drive and make sure that the path does not contain spaces.

Write Windows to the microSD card

cd /d %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
apply-bootmedia.cmd -destination {YourSDCardDrive} -image {.wimFile} -hostname mygalileo -password admin


apply-bootmedia.cmd -destination e:\ -image 9600.16384.x86fre.winblue_rtm_iotbuild.140731-1000_galileo_v1.wim -hostname mygalileo -password admin


Booting Windows

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