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Hack the Home

A suite of open-source tools designed to help you make your home start working for you.

A growing community of makers is determined to change the way that they interact with their homes. From automating every day tasks like watering plants and feeding pets to improving security by monitoring home cameras and door locks from anywhere in the world, the possibilities are endless. With this in mind, the Microsoft Internet of Things Maker Team has released a host of open-source libraries and APIs that, combined with the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, will allow you to quickly and easily hack your home to start working for you.

Featured Projects

Security Camera

Security camera project using Windows 10 IoT Core. A PiR Motion Sensor detects movement, and triggers the camera accordingly, automatically uploading the photos to OneDrive. Utilizes the USB Camera, OneDrive Connector and Motion Sensor components.

Connected Radio

An internet connected clock radio device with a Pi-powered LCD screen to display what's currently playing. Utilizes the TextDisplay and Universal Media Engine components.

IoT Weather Station

This project demonstrates how to leverage the power of Windows 10 IoT Core, and create a weather station using the Sparkfun weather shield. Utilizes the SparkFun Weather Shield component.

Plug-and-Play Components

Legend: RPi2 = Raspberry Pi 2, RPi3 = Raspberry Pi 3, MBM = MinnowBoard MAX, 410c = DragonBoard 410c