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Continuous Integration with Github Actions

Actions are a feature of Github which allows you to easily integrate continuous integration into your builds.

ROS1 CI Setup

To configure your ROS1 repository for CI, you'll need to install the buildtime files which configures your solution for ROS building.

Create the github action:

  • On github, select the Actions tab.
  • Create a New Workflow and name the workflow Windows_ROS1.yaml
  • Copy the contents of Windows_ROS1.yaml and replace the contents of the file created above.
  • Update the workflow for your ROS component. Use the comments in the file as a guide.

If your ROS node has dependencies on other repositories, vcpkgs or chocolatey packages, add them before catkin_make.

        : Additional dependencies
        : For other ROS repos, remove the : and add the clone commands
        : pushd src
        : git clone
        : popd

        : For other chocolatey packages, remove the : and add the choco packages
        : choco install <package>

        : For vcpkgs, remove the : and add the vcpkg dependencies.
        : vcpkg install <package>

Sample CI files for ROS1

The Azure Kinect ROS Node includes a 3rd Party SDK.

ROS2 Setup

Please visit the documentation for the action-ros-ci by the tooling working group.

Sample CI files for ROS2

The ONNX ROS Node by Microsoft builds on Linux and Windows for ROS2.