MoveIt Tutorials on Windows

This guide is to show you how to prepare a workspace (for ROS on Windows) for your MoveIt tutorials. Find out more about MoveIt, visit here.

MoveIt Binary Installation on Windows

First, download the ROS on Windows with MoveIt packages. (open a command prompt as admin)

choco upgrade ros-melodic-moveit -y

Create Workspace for MoveIt Tutorials

Then, let's download the example code to your workspace.

(open a command prompt as admin)

mkdir c:\moveit_ws\src
cd c:\moveit_ws\src
git clone -b init_windows
git clone -b init_windows
git clone -b release/kinetic/franka_description
cd c:\moveit_ws

After it is built, source the catkin workspace.


Getting Started with MoveIt Tutorials

Now you are ready to continue the journal on MoveIt Tutorials.