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Porting Status

This page covers the current porting status of ROS1 on Windows.


Microsoft has been working with Open Robotics and ROS Industrial Consortium on the ROS for Windows porting logistics. Open Robotics has provided a list (below) of packages which need to be ported in order to not be considered experimental. Once tested and upstreamed, Open Robotics will consider Windows supported.

We are targeting Mid-December to complete the ROS porting effort.

October 2018

  • rViz
    • Missing panels appear to be a timing issue which also repros on Linux.
  • MoveIt
    • First Life! We have MoveIt planning paths for a UR-3.
  • Developing a program to close the loop with customers
  • Navigation
    • Workin on Cartographer port
    • Working on other ports
  • Started discussions about upstreaming.

September 2018

  • Core ROS
    • Core ROS has been ported
  • ROSSerial
    • We are observing some transport failures in the ROSSerial connection.
  • rViz
    • Subpanels, such as Display, do not show up consistently. We believe it is an optimization problem. We're working on this.
  • Gazebo
    • Port has not started Yet. This is a long port, which will start after MoveIt for Windows is completed.
  • Turtlebot3
    • Turtlebot mostly brought up.
    • Navigation in progress
  • Perception
    • Camera nodes
    • Lidar
    • OpenNI porting started.
  • Navigation
    • OpenKarto has been ported, but not tested.
    • gmapping port has not started
    • We will discuss other mapping projects with their maintainers
  • MoveIt
    • MoveIt port started
  • Linux testing
    • ROSComm in progress
  • ROS#
    • Testing has not started, but we believe it will work

Packages to port

Top 40

  • [X] python-catkin-pkg
  • [X] python-catkin-pkg-modules
  • [X] python-rosdep
  • [X] python-rosdistro
  • [X] python-rosdistro-modules
  • [X] python-rospkg
  • [X] python-rospkg-modules
  • [X] ros-melodic-actionlib
  • [X] ros-melodic-actionlib-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-cv-bridge
  • [X] ros-melodic-desktop
  • [X] ros-melodic-desktop-full
  • [X] ros-melodic-diagnostic-updater
  • [X] ros-melodic-gazebo-plugins
  • [X] ros-melodic-gazebo-ros
  • [X] ros-melodic-geometry-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-image-transport
  • [X] ros-melodic-interactive-markers
  • [X] ros-melodic-kdl-parser
  • [X] ros-melodic-laser-geometry
  • [X] ros-melodic-nav-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-pcl-conversions
  • [X] ros-melodic-pcl-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-pcl-ros
  • [X] ros-melodic-robot-state-publisher
  • [X] ros-melodic-rqt-robot-plugins
  • [X] ros-melodic-rqt-rviz
  • [X] ros-melodic-rviz
  • [X] ros-melodic-sensor-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-simulators
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-eigen
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-geometry-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-kdl
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-msgs
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-py
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf2-ros
  • [X] ros-melodic-tf-conversions
  • [X] ros-melodic-viz